Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31, 2015

Trying out recipes from a (probably) 50-year-old copy of the Be-Ro cookbook for self-raising flour to see how they compare with today's cookies. (Also, one recipe involves getting hold of cooking ammonia, which will probably result in my name going on a government watchlist - fun!)

I started off gently with Crunchies - a very plain (and vegan, once you replace the lard with vegetable shortening) oatmeal biscuit.

These are plain - far less sweet than most modern cookies, containing just 3 ounces of sugar for 24 biscuits -- but really moreish. The little bit of syrup adds a nice background note; the oats meld nicely into the biscuit and taste almost nutty. I didn't bother with the suggested icing, but they didn't last long at all.

A good start. Next up: tea loaf.

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