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All things considered

I think 1992 was worse. That was soul-destroying, and I've never invested as much emotionally in an election since. Having tremendously low expectations is a blessing at times.

Right. Time to deal with the more pressing issue - the mouse that's gone rogue in the kitchen.

Update: The mouse has gone, along with three party leaders. We still seem to have a Tory government though. Oh well, only five more years to go.

May 8, 2015

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A little bit of politics

Although I've largely been avoiding the election, we decided to conduct our own straw poll en route to Eastleigh last night. As we walked to the cinema, we counted the number of party-related placards and posters to get a sense of the local political landscape. The result? Six Labour posters, 2 LibDems, 1 UKIP, and 1 Green. So, I can confidently predict a Labour landslide on Thursday - good news for my old college acquaintance, Ted (now Ed) M.

However, we are in a marginal seat. The Conservatives have been bombarding us with increasingly desperate pleas for our vote. This is what I received today.

It's so personal! I feel . . . tempted? No, that's not it.

However, I can guarantee that I won't be voting UKIP on Thursday!

May 5, 2015

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Regular grooming gives us a whole extra cat. Meet Fluffy.

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